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Larry Brown Law Office Legal Services

Larry Brown Law Office provides legal services on a range of civil law issues based on individual requirement, household income and other factors related to the specific details of each situation. Legal assistance can direct representation for issues that range from document preparation to court representation.

Larry Brown Law Office provides a wealth of legal information, referral and resources either by phone, online or through legal clinics open to the local community. Review the services below and contact our office for legal assistance at no charge and to verify your eligibility requirements.

Family Law

Although Larry Brown Law Office many be unable to provide direct legal representation for divorce and custody cases, we do offer a range of self-help referrals and legal information to assist you with family law matters including parental rights and support, child custody, grandparents rights and special legal services for victims of domestic violence.

Consumer Law

Are you at risk of losing your home and other assets due to debt problems? Larry Brown Law Office provides legal assistance for filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy as well as legal alternatives for handling creditors.

Legal Support for Families and Individuals

Larry Brown Law Office provides legal services for civil matters based on your income and specific needs. Funding is received from a range of local agencies with assistance from the Bar Association, community organizations, courts and sponsorship groups to help those in need with civil law matters.

Housing and Landlord/Tenants Rights

For legal services and assistance to help you avoid foreclosure or eviction, contact Larry Brown Law Office for a complete legal review of your rights. Legal services for housing also include resources for those struggling with utility payments and important legal information for fair housing.


Information regarding the rights of children to receive an education and referral for parents facing problems with teachers and school administration. Larry Brown Law Office also provides education law services for special needs education, school safety and resources for homeschooling.

Social Security & Disability Benefits

Get informed regarding the eligibility requirements for Social Security benefits in the event that you are unable to work. Federal laws and programs are in place to provide a regular income to those suffering from chronic conditions. Larry Brown Law Office provides detailed information on how to apply.

Welfare Benefits

Legal resources to assist low income individuals and families include food stamps, rental assistance and financial aid for child care costs. Consult Larry Brown Law Office attorneys if you have been denied assistance.

Protection From Abuse and Domestic Violence

Larry Brown Law Office provides handles referrals to local agencies for victims and their families that include shelter and housing for victims of domestic violence and their families. Legal assistance is also provided for Protection from Abuse Hearings.

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