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The Law Office of Larry Brown Law Office Real Estate Lawyer

Larry Brown Law Office can assist you with the purchase and sale of any type of residential or commercial real estate with a complete range of cost effective and personalized legal services designed to help you achieve your real estate objectives and protect you from unnecessary legal disputes or real estate litigation later on.

Consult Larry Brown Law Office for expertise in handling any aspect of your real estate transactions including:

  • Purchase and Sale Contracts
  • Real Estate Closing Document Review & Representation
  • Land Contracts and Mortgages
  • Residential or Commercial Leases
  • Real Estate Development
  • Building Construction
  • Condominium Law
  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Title Insurance Disputes
  • Real Estate Broker Liability
  • Foreclosures, Repossessions and Workouts
  • Zoning and Building Inspection Issues

Consult With a Qualified Real Estate Lawyer Signing a Promise to Purchase

Before buying your home Larry Brown Law Office reviews all contracts entered into with real estate agents or agencies and drafts or reviews all offers to purchase. A consultation with a qualified real estate lawyer will help you to effectively negotiate counter offers or amendments when purchasing property. Larry Brown Law Office provides solid legal counsel prior to purchase on any matter including financing, title and insurance disputes as well as other real estate issues involving zoning and building inspections. Consult my law office for skilled legal evaluation and clarification of all contracts and documents that will mitigate the potential for future real estate disputes or litigation.

Closing a Real Estate Transaction

Once the date for closing is set, it is recommended that a real estate lawyer represent you to clarify documents and answer any questions you may have. Larry Brown Law Office ensures that all contingencies and amendments are reviewed before signing and oversees closing statement, deed, transfer tax return and other documents provided by the seller and prior to signing by the buyer. Tax penalties and costs are clarified and explained and any issues that arose during the course of negotiations are legally resolved with regard to all financial arrangements prior to the closing. Larry Brown Law Office then drafts a closing statement and catalogues the deed in the Deed Registry Office. If buyers or sellers have run into problems with lenders during the course of a real estate transaction, Larry Brown Law Office provides skilled legal guidance for financing and inspection issues.

Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are purchasing or selling commercial property, Larry Brown Law Office provides legal guidance and practical solutions on complete range of issues related to real estate development, ownership and property management in any aspect of commercial real estate including financing, mortgages or foreclosures. Whether you are already involved in a legal dispute or wish to avoid litigation, Larry Brown Law Office works hard to protect your financial best interests and helps you to accomplish your goals.

Legal Advice You Can Trust

Having an experienced real estate lawyer ensures that your real estate transactions are negotiated and concluded with practical and time saving solutions. The law office of Larry Brown Law Office real estate attorney specializes in effectively representing clients in the acquisition, construction, financing, leasing or sale of commercial or residential real estate property.

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